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One of the practices that has contributed to the religious confusion that mars Christendom is the use of the Bible terms in unbiblical ways. Baptism furnishes a good example and illustration. However, in later literature, the term has been redefined to embrace various religious rituals whose actions do not communicate the biblical meaning of baptism.


A similar thing has happened with the word apostle, which unfortunately is being recklessly appropriated by men and women in the present era in ways contrary to its biblical sense. This misuse has watered down the office of the apostles of Christ and misrepresented the divine sentiments communicated in this special title that Christ bestowed on precious few.


This booklet is a treatise on the office of the apostles of Christ and presents the unique authority inherent in that endowment.  It is intended to be informative on the ministry and functions of the apostles, as well as motivational in promoting responsible use of this biblical title.

Does The Office Of APOSTLE Of Christ Exist In The 21st Century?

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