Thaddeus Bruno

Evangelist Thaddeus Bruno is a native of the island of Dominica.  After serving Churches of Christ in his homeland for eight (8) years, he moved to St. Thomas in 1990. He currently serves as Outreach Minister for the St. Thomas Church of Christ.  Thaddeus also sits as a committee member of the Annual Caribbean Lectureship of the Churches of Christ.

Thaddeus Bruno is a graduate of the Trinidad School of Preaching and Biblical Studies. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from The Theological University of America. He is currently enrolled in the MBS (master of biblical studies) at Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock Texas. He and Elaine have been married for twenty seven years. She has been an unshakable supporter of Thaddeus in his ministry and a partner with him at Celestial Expressions.

Evangelist Thaddeus Bruno has conducted evangelistic meetings and leadership workshops on almost every island of the Caribbean.  He has also spoken in South America, England, Germany, Canada and several of the United States.
Thaddeus Bruno is a keen student of the Holy Scriptures, an accomplished radio speaker, a talented cricket commentator, an avid tennis player and a skilled public defender of the faith. He is also a published singer and song writer.