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The Two Covenants

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About the Course

This study of the Two Covenants is vitally important to a right understanding and application of Scripture, and by extension, your relationship with God. Its four lessons lay out the essential truths on the subject in a simple but thorough manner. The exercises consist of true or false, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, and one open-ended question. This will be the format for each lesson and exercise.

Your Instructor

Thaddeus Bruno

Thaddeus Bruno was born, raised, and converted to Christ on the island of Dominica, and is a graduate of the Trinidad School of Preaching (1982). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from The Theological University of America in Cedar Rapids Iowa (1987), and a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies from the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock Texas (2015).
Thaddeus Bruno has served as Ministering Evangelist of Churches of Christ in Dominica (8 years), St. Thomas (24 years), and now serves at the West End Church of Christ in Bermuda (7 years). He also serves as Chairman of the Regional Organizing Committee of the Annual Caribbean Lectureship (ACL). Throughout his ministry, Thaddeus has been a speaker on various radio programs, at gospel meetings, in conferences and workshops in the Caribbean, Europe, and the USA. He has defended the faith in three public debates, is an author, and has published articles in THINK MAGAZINE, published by Focus Press. He is also a published singer and songwriter. He is married to Elaine for 36 years and she is a soloist on him music album, I AM ONLY A STEWARD. Thaddeus is owner of the website and has adopted these words “These Bones Can Live!” as his life and ministry motto.

Thaddeus Bruno
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