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1.  Preachers say baptism is not essential even though Jesus said it is. Mk. 16:16


2.  They say if baptism is essential then the blood is made void


I.  Israel in the wilderness; Numbers 21:

A. The Israelites died from poisonous snakes
B. Through God’s grace He provided healing
C. They were commanded to do something; LOOK ON THE SERPENT!
D. They were healed AFTER they obeyed

A. Leprosy threatened his very life
B. Though God’s grace a way was provided for his cleansing
C. He was commanded to dip seven times in Jordan
D. He was cleansed AFTER he obeyed

II.  Naaman and his leprosy; II Kings 5:

A. His blindness placed him at a disadvantage
B. Through God’s grace he would gain his vision
C. He was commanded to go wash in the pool of Siloam
D. He gained his vision AFTER he obeyed

III.  The man born blind; John 9:

  1. There is no hostility between baptism and the blood
  2. No animosity between grace and obedience
  3. It is not if we are saved by blood or grace but when do they save us?
  4. They save us in obedience to the gospel commands

Written by:   Thaddeus Bruno



a. Does belief make the blood void? Heb. 11:6

b. Does repentance make the blood void? Luke 13:3
c. Not if the blood saves; but when does it?

3.  They say if baptism is essential then grace is made void

a. Does faith make grace void?

b. Does repentance make grace void?
c. Not if we are saved by grace; but when does grace save?  John 1:17

d. By faith the walls fell down AFTER they were compassed. Heb. 11:30

e. The harmonious relationship between these simple truths has been illustrated many times in scripture.

A. The sinner is sentenced to death because of his sin. Rom. 6:23
B. God’s grace appeared in the death of Jesus for our sins. Matt. 1:21
C. The sinner is given commands:

           - Believe, repent, confess, and be baptized. Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38; Acts 22:16

D. He is saved AFTER he obeys. Heb. 5:8, 9

IV.  The sinner and salvation: