Thaddeus Bruno Celestial Expressions

Ezekiel’s vision of a valley of dry bones apocalyptically predicted the restoration of Israel from Babylonian exile to flourish under the direction of God’s Spirit in their homeland. During the course of the vision a question, (“can these bones live”?) is answered in the affirmative. This is our guiding philosophy at Celestial Expressions. No matter how dry, dishevelled, disjointed, disorganized and disconnected sin leaves us, we firmly believe “These bones can live! As God used the expressions of Ezekiel, a willing priest to bring meaningful change to Israel, our prayer is that He will use the willing hearts behind Celestial Expressions to restore inspiration, motivation, and expectation to His people, still burdened by the rivers of Babylon. So allow God’s powerful Spirit to blow on you, bringing transformation to your every situation. Stand on your feet with us – God’s exceeding great army!

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