MARK 16:15, 16

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1.  Some claim to have accepted the gospel who have not been baptized


2.  They either are ignorant or willful.


I.  Definitions

A. Gospel means "good news".
B. The good news about Jesus.

A. God's power unto salvation
B. God's righteousness revealed in it.

II.  The importance of the Gospel. Rom. 1:14- 16

A. Christ died for our sins.
B. Christ was buried.
C. Christ was raised again on the third day.

III.  What are the facts of the gospel? I Cor. 15:1- 4

  1. You believe the facts about the gospel.
  2. But have you obeyed the gospel?
  3. There are blessings to be received and consequences to avoid.

Written by:   Thaddeus Bruno



3.  In either case they are in trouble

A. Believe the facts
B. Obey the commands II Thess. 1:8, 9; I Pet. 4:17- 18

IV.  The sinner’s response to the gospel

4.  This lesson will show how Baptism and the gospel are inter-connected

A. The sinner is united with Christ in His death burial and resurrection
B. The sinner cannot be raised with Christ until and unless he has been buried with him

C. The new life begins at baptism “to walk in newness of life”

D. The body of sin is destroyed in baptism.

E. The sinners relationship with sin is changed in baptism

F. The sinner obeys the gospel in baptism

V.  In baptism Rom. 6:3- 6