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Sharpness Of Focus

Thaddeus Bruno

Dec 12, 2014

The Bible is an ancient book but its principles on leadership have modern application. Some erroneously believe that advancements in modern technology have rendered obsolete the world of former times. However, while technology has antiquated certain methods of communication, transportation and weaponry, it has accentuated the truths contained in the Bible.

Moses is a well-known Bible figure. His birth in Egypt and rise to prominence in the royal palace has been sufficiently corroborated by a number of historical documents, including the New Testament. The core of his life’s mission in freeing Israel from oppression has been celebrated in film and novels. Painted portraits of him with his distinctive rod hang in homes and museums across the continents. His clarity of focus as a cause of his leadership success however, may not be as well-known or appreciated. The sharpness of focus in his purpose is worthy of duplication by leaders who in the modern era are stuck in the “Egypt” of listlessness.

Moses did not have to discover his life’s mission; it was stated to him by the deity who appeared at the Sinai Peninsula in a burning bush (Exodus. 3:1-10). An exegetical analysis of the biblical text reduces his mission to two brief commands. “Bring them out of Egypt” and “bring them into Canaan.” These strong commands incorporated God’s desire for His people Israel, and communicated His mission for Moses, His prophet. Every other objective was secondary and peripheral. All his energies and skills were to be given to these tasks by which his success or failure would be determined.

Though your call to leadership is neither as direct nor dramatic as that of Moses, clarity of purpose is as essential to your leadership success as his was to him. You have not heard His actual voice uttering audible words, but in your call to leadership, God’s voice in your heart must be just as clear. God did not get your attention by a burning bush, but probably from the fire of desire which still burns in your heart, to make a positive change in your life, home, church or community. Your clarity of purpose is inextricably linked to the existing needs of which you are personally and acutely aware. These needs will help define your mission and separate peripheral pursuits from your central objective. Your leadership call is as authentic as the call of Moses, and accomplishing your God-given mission is as important. Hence, the time and energy spent in clarifying your mission is crucial to your success.

Many, driven by the contrary winds of uncertainty, achieve no real measure of success. In fact, if these get where they are going they would not know it. Due to the fuzziness of their goals, they sail right past their destinations. They lash out in anger at perceived enemies, not knowing that their frustration results from obscure vision and an undefined purpose. All the parts of your body have a clearly defined function; eyes see, lungs oxygenate and kidneys purify the blood. Because of the clarity of purpose in these organs, doctors are able to make diagnoses and prescribe remedies. Similarly, one needs a clearly defined purpose before he can measure the health of his actions and decide on a better path.

Whether you are a parent, a student, a police officer or a minister of government, progress in your mission can be effectively improved by a clearly defined purpose. Moses knew his mission and you must know yours.

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